Fashion gossip: All you need to know about the man who wore gown to AMVCA 2020


This year Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards really shook the entertainment and fashion industries of Nigeria, many popular celebrities brought their fashion A game while some wore controversial attires.

Among the list of celebrities who wore controversial dresses, one young looking man stood out. He took the whole of Nigeria by surprise with his gender nonconforming appearance to a top class event in a country filled with people who are religiously and cultural blind to accept any one who isn’t acting according to their gender stereotype.

After his appearance on Saturday i did some digging to find out who he was and if bobrisky has lost his crown to a younger man..

His name is Lasizwe Dambuza, he is a 21 year old South African media personality who gained fame by uploading funny skits on social media.

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What do you think about his dress?
Personally i don’t like the gown, if he wanted to make a real fashion statement he should have worn a bright colored gown not black, it just looks like a glorified kids gowns but I’ll encourage his ‘i don’t care attitude’, the confidence would have been better suited for another dress

About Lasizwe social media platforms
Lasizwe has gathered a well devoted fan base across all his social media platforms, his fans are always excited about his videos and controversial lifestyles. Some of his videos gets millions of views and filled with encouraging comments.