Fantana and Wendy Shay are slay queens and not musicians


A struggling upcoming musician, Dede Supa has decided to play a smart one on all of us. She wants to just want to ride on Wendy Shay and Fantana to be seen and heard.

According to Dede Supa who is yet to make a name for herself, RuffTown Records Signees Wendy Shay and Fantana are no musicians but rather slay queens who sell their music by the way they dress.

“Fantana and Wendy Shay are slay queens, not musicians. From their videos and their way of dressing, it all shows that they’re slay queens.”

According to them, neither of them should take offense with her opinion because it is the truth and if they have even a shred of doubt left in them, they should go back and watch their own videos.

She compares their lifestyles to that of international names like Alicia whom she says do not expose their bodies in music videos. In simple words, Dede Supa wants us to accept that they are not musicians because they show skin.

“They sell their music with the slay queen style. Wendy Shay shouldn’t be offended by this. If she wants, she should go back and watch her videos,” she stated.