Fans Replies Peruzzi after his Post Encouraging Fans to Smoke more of Weed instead of Dating


Tobechukwu Victor Okoh ( born 5 December 1989), also known as Peruzzi after his breakup has come out to share to his handle that love is scam.

According to his post lhe said baby I sing majesty for you thinking you will stay forever but you still leave me

Love is scam. The only true love is weed he never leaves you no matter what,he is always there.

His fans replied that love is not about big butts and boobs that he should try work things out instead of Encouraging people into smoking weed.

He blames him for causing his predicament. That his girlfriend leave it’s fault or rather her girlfriends he should take weed out of it.

Weed is not to be compared to love it’s obvious that some of our celebrity don’t know how to keep there girlfriend’s. They think it’s all about can’t buy some girls.

Settle with your girl or find another and be nice to her don’t come and tell us to be smoking, instead of facing real life issue.

Screen shots attached