Fans defend Falz as he gets dragged by lady who claimed he keeps quiet whenever he’s really needed


‘Bop Daddy’ crooner being a lawyer and a son of an influential lawyer in the country but has said nothing concerning the issue on ground, is making a Nigerian lady with trussmidaddy as her Twitter username angry.

The lady took to the street to drag the artiste for keeping quiet when he is truly needed and his voice needs to be heard.

“Falz has been quiet as hell today. When it’s time to call out runs girls, he can open his mouth. A whole joke” – trussmidaddy

“Falz is still weirdo who keeps posturing like he’s some activist while using his platform to victimize s*x workers. You can keep act like that isn’t what he’s doing, eye service refuse to participate” – trussmidaddy

“Deleted my previous tweet bc someone pointed out that he has spoken out against situations like this in the past. But I stand by my point that he’s just another fraud using women’s issues to seem more progressive than he is.” – trussmidaddy

In reaction to these tweets, the rapper’s fans came out to defend their favourite.

“Falz literally used the force of his law degree to fight for wrongly dismissed female immigration officials and most people ignore the feat, but for every trending sensitive topic one demented retard clown must always display inborn foolishness.” – Yemihazan

“You want to drag Falz into this but your president, the one you stood under the sun to vote for hasn’t said anything.

You dey craze!” – InimfonAkpakwa

“It doesn’t bother you that someone was raped rather what is pricking you is that Falz hasn’t said anything about it.

My dear you have a sickness and God will ‘hill’ you.” – Baldilocks

Below is the screenshot of the artiste’s tweet concerning the issue.