Fans ask Funke Akindele to retire the ‘Jennifer’ Character after 47,659 episodes


Fans ask Funke Akindele to retire the Jenifer Character after 47,659 episodes

Followers of the popular TV series The Jennifers Dairy have called out the lead character to retire the series, citing the fact that , the character ‘Jennifer’ has been over-played after 47659 episodes with her fan base not as it use to be.

Others argued that some other character in Hollywood have lasted for 20 years, as such the call to retire ‘Jennifer’ is too early.

“The should retire “The avengers too”, ” spiderman”, “batman” etc…. too abi. You don’t like it and possibly don’t watch but if she’s raking in plenty of money from it you think she’ll be worried if the whole thing is watched? She is obviously make millions from the franchise”

“She still has enjoyable content for the character and besides, she’s cashing out. Tyler Perry’s Medea character started in 1999 with I Can Do Bad All By Myself. 20 years later (March 2019), there’s still a Madea character (A Medea Family Funeral) on TV screens.”

What is your take on this?