Fani Kayode denounces NCDC bill, Bill Gate’s vaccine

Fani Kayode

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has aired his disapproval of an alleged depopulation scheme by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Fani-Kayode alleged that the Presidency seeks to reduce the Nigerian population by approving a bill that makes it compulsory for every Nigerian to take a vaccine developed by the Gates Foundation.

He wrote; ”I’ve warned about the dangers of the vaccine that will be proposed as the answer to #COVID19. This will result in millions of deaths. Nigeria is trying to pass a law that will make it compulsory to take that vaccine as part of the world depopulation agenda. This is EVIL!”

”I advise you to grow up & get real. There is more to what’s going on than meets the eye. This Bill & evil agenda must be resisted & rejected otherwise you will weep like babies & wish you had never been born. Say NO to Bill Gates! Say NO to satan!” he continued.