Fan wants his Adam Johnson tattoos removed from his legs after player confessed to child grooming


An obsessed fan Robert Mullen who had Adam Johnson’s signature Tattooed on his leg now wants the inking removed after the former Manchester City player admitted child sex offences.

Following Man City’s 2011 FA Cup triumph,the fan rushed to Adam Johnson, a then Man City player to have his signature on his leg, to which the player obliged.After leaving the stadium, Robert went to the Tattoo parlor to have the autograph permanently inked on his leg. Now,he wants it gone!

Robert ,who even said he took fanaticism to new heights by changing his Facebook name to Robert ‘Adam Johnson’ Mullen admits his mum and girlfriend never liked the tattoo and he now needs to remove it after the disgraced star admitted to child sex charges .

He told the Manchester Evening News :

“At the time I got it done he was probably my favourite player, I even changed my name on Facebook to Robert ‘Adam Johnson’ Mullen.
“The FA Cup win was huge for us so I wanted to do something to celebrate and thought that would look pretty cool.
“But I obviously never expected any of this to happen.I started to get a bit of stick when first got arrested but he was denying everything.
“It’s obviously got a hundred times worse since he admitted what he has done, It does feel weird having the name of someone like that on you. I just want to get it removed as soon as possible.
“Neither me mum or my girlfriend were very chuffed when I originally got it done so they definitely want to get rid of it.”
Robert sent a Tweet to a Channel 4 programme known for removing embarrassing tattoos in the hope they could help him out.

See tweet below..


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