Fan slams Actress Tonto Dikeh, “let’s see how your surgery will look in the next 20 years”


A social media fan has come after actress Tonto Dike this morning after she uploaded her before and after surgery picture. The fan known as Tom Chris is not happy that the screen goddess has fixed her body. He had to ask the actress a few questions about the prospect of her artificial body and new look.

Tom Chris, who was concerned about the health of the actress, asked if her surgery has any prospect or side effect considering the fact that much has been said about cosmetic surgery in the past. But contrary to expectation, the fair skinned actress was calm in responding to his rude comment, unlike other celebrities who would engage in unnecessary arguments, show of shame and even go ahead to rain curses on their fans, the actress said “We will still have money to fix it, period”.

Despite her calm demeanor, Tom was still to rant about the side effects of the procedures and what the actress should expect in the nearest future. Rather than responding further, Tontolet as she is fondly called changed the subject and started chatting with other fans who were hailing her perfect shape.

Tonto Dike set the social media on fire this morning after admitting that she has gone under the knife to achieve a great shape and curve. She further revealed that, she lacked confidence with her former look that was why she went for the surgery in 2018. This had greatly boosted her self confidence.

A lot of celebrities have gone under the knife too but funny enough; most of them deny ever going through such a procedure, some have been so unlucky after the process because they were left worse than they were before. Some even lost their lives in the process while being operated.

Fixing the body is not a bad ideal anyway but it is important to know the side effects and longevity of the operations. Some of those artificial parts sag much later as in the case of late popular artist who had to continue undergoing more surgery to fix his constant sagging parts.