Famous blogger Tunde Ednut slammed as a ‘thief” by an Entertainer


An Instagram entertainer, identified as ‘firstmalevibe’ has taken to the platform to accuse famous IG blogger,Tunde Ednut of being a ‘thief”

According to Firstmalevibe, he became a victim of the blogger, after he was blocked by him because he asked Ednut to tag him for copying his content…

He wrote:

“The mfker blocked me 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 and wants the issue to go down😂 I said this neega is a thief and has an agenda like the devil y’all thought I was playing😡 this is just the beginning ❌ Now I see. The time I saw this neega curse someone for failing to thank him during give away I knew this neega was proud and fulish. Arrogant MFker, can’t say no apology. I told y’all he won’t stop stealing cause he knows what he’s doing. I use to like him until I saw him dragging celebrities down…most especially Tacha… I don’t know what she did to this goat but I’ll get to you. I never knew this half until I became a victim. Just keep my contents away from your page. I know you ain’t tag me cuz I post better stuffs than you. Scared of losing your blog😂. Short rat 🤬 Davido’s house boy 👦🏽. #Thatswhatyougetwakingupinatlanta #Thedic

He also accused the blogger of being a ‘woman bodyshamer’…