Fame has made Don Little very arrogant- Sunsum Ahuofe


Kumawood actor Sunsum has labelled his colleague actor Don Little as arrogant.

According to Sunsum, Don Little has become very arrogant because of fame.

He made this claim in an interview with Zionfelix.

He lamented that because of the little fame Don Little has amassed, he doesn’t respect anyone anymore.

According to Sunsum Ahuofe, he took him as his junior brother when he began his acting career but he thinks he is on top now so he has become very arrogant.

Sunsum revealed that Don Little told him point blunt that he will no longer be friends with him when he was ‘playing’ with him.

He further stated that he was stunned by Don Little’s statement of ending his friendship with him when they mostly joke on location.

Sunsum advised Don Little to be humble and desist from disrespecting his seniors in the movie industry.