Faces of nurses in China hours after wearing masks treating patients


Images of a group of doctors and nurses hours after wearing their masks treating coronavirus patients have surfaced on the internet.

A photo of a female medical staff member from the Wuhan Tianmen Hospital went viral on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo recently. The photo was apparently taken the first moment she took out her protective clothing after a 12-hour-long shift.

After this picture, many photos of the doctors and nurses who took off their masks during short breaks were shared by numerous media outlets.

All the professionals bore visible facial scars and imprints caused by the near-continuous use of the masks.

The images, according to reports, moved millions of netizens in China.

This comes after reports of doctors getting inadequate rest and even having to wear adult diapers due to the difficulty in removing their HAZMAT coveralls.

Ironically, the images have gone viral at a time when there is concern about the availability of these protective face masks in China. On Thursday, BBC analysed China’s requirement for face masks in the fight against coronaviru