Facebook dark mode and new UI coming soon


Early this year in May at the F8 developer’s conference, Facebook mentioned that they have a plan to overhaul the UI on their social media platform. Since then, they’ve been rather quiet about it but now, we have some solid details on that, including Dark Mode.

Facebook users from various parts of the world have been sharing screenshots of the Facebook UI, which also includes a Dark Mode option. It’s interesting to note that it seems rather similar to Twitter but with an additional column.

One thing that’s worth noting is that there is a lack of ads on the new UI. We’re uncertain if the users are using adblockers or if Facebook is going a different route in their advertising strategy. We’ll most likely find out when it becomes available to everyone.

For now, the Facebook Dark Mode and new UI is only available via invitation. There is no way to force the update at the moment. We’ll be reporting more on the matter as soon as information becomes available so stay tuned to Tontrends (talkofnaija.com) for more details.