Exempt farmers from lockdown, Col. Akinola tells FG


Colonel Gani Sola Akinola (rtd) has asked the Federal Government to exempt farmers from the ongoing lockdown so that they would be able to distribute their farm produce especially the perishable ones.

He made this call in an interview with INDEPENDENT arguing that “Livestock farmers are very essential and products like eggs, if we don’t supply them, will get spoilt.”

He also reacted to reports of farmers with truckload of vegetables from Kano who were turned back by Lagos state due to the lockdown, saying authorities should bring ways to identify genuine farmers and allow them access to avoid economic losses.

“Nobody anticipated this Coronavirus thing, we can only advise the relevant agencies to work out ways of ensuring that farmers after investing millions of Naira, harvesting their products to sell and recover monies through sales and are now forced to a corner,” saying, this is not fair.

According to Col. Akinola (Rtd), “If you block farmers like us from selling, what are we going to do with them? You cannot expect us to consume all the eggs and birds and other products that is why I am making a strong case for government to allow farmers free access to our customers now that we cannot get to the markets”.