EXCULSIVE: 30 minutes with most beautiful girl in the World ‘Jare Ijalana’ (video)


Ton Trends recently had an exclusive chat with Nigeria’s ‘most beautiful girl in the world’ and her family.

The three sisters spoke about their modelling careers and other interests. Mrs Ijalana also revealed how she keeps the balance between their career and academics Sometimes around 2018, a modest Nigerian family identified as the Ijalana’s woke up to the news that forever changed their lives and sealed their names in the hearts of many after a 5-year-old member of the family, along with her 9 and 7-year-old sisters took the entirety of the internet community with their pure and innocent beauty.

It has been a roller coaster for the adorable little girls who have been tagged as the J3 sisters- Jare, Jomiloju and Joba respectively, since their emergence on social media.

Ton Trends recently welcomed the family in our studio and our presenter Abisola Alawode, got into the minds of little Jare, who has been tagged the ‘most beautiful girl in the world’, her sisters and the super amazing woman who is responsible for birthing them into the world.

Fielding a question on how she feels about being the mother of the most beautiful girl in the world, Mrs Ijalana revealed that the day her daughter’s photo went viral on the internet, she had no idea about it until a friend got wind of the development and shared the news with their family.

She expressed that the entire household was happy about what had happened, but none of them had yet to fully grasp the importance of what just played out, or how far it was going to take them, until they started getting invites from media houses across the country and international community.

On how they have feel about having their sibling internationally recognized for her beauty, Joba and Jomi expressed that they are both happy about the development. Mrs Ijalana while speaking on how the father of the kids handled the revelation, narrated how he was in a state of complete surprise after he stumbled on her pictures in the pages of a popular newspaper.

She said it felt surreal for him and he was thrilled about the news. Little Jare while answering a question about how her schoolmates handle her celebrity status, expressed that they always chant her name whenever she comes into the school premises.

The other sisters also talked about how they still have a normal relationship in school without any preferential treatments.

All three sisters maintained that they would love to continue pursuing their modelling careers in future, with the eldest, Joba, revealing that she would also love to pursue a career in Architecture.

Speaking on how she has been able to maintain the balance between their academics and modelling career, Mrs Ijalana disclosed that she has a strict rule that entails keeping all talks about modelling out of the school setting.

Watch full video below:

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