Ex-girlfriend of boxer Andy Ruiz accuses him of raping and assaulting her

Julia Lemus, ex-girlfriend of former heavyweight boxing champion Andy Ruiz Jr. has filed a lawsuit against him for allegedly abusing her throughout their relationship and raping her on multiple occassions. 


Lemus has already obtained a temporary restraining order against Ruiz who she claimed “sexually, physically, and psychologically abused her, making her feel like feel like she had to walk on eggshells around him.”


The 26-year-old who was with Ruiz from 2015 through 2022, claimed that he physically and emotionally abused their two children as well, abused both alcohol and illicit drugs, causing her to “fear for my life and safety and the lives and safety of my children.”


One of the alleged instances stems from 2019, shortly after Ruiz beat Anthony Joshua to the heavyweight title, and the story doesn’t make for pleasant reading. “He began grabbing me by my upper arms and physically yanking me in order to move me wherever he wanted me to go,” she said, adding that Ruiz even punched her, albeit “jokingly”. These punches left her arms and legs bruised, of which she attached photos.


TMZ reported that Lemus also alleged that Ruiz pointed “an AK-47 at her face” when she expressed discomfort with the number of firearms he was buying. The restraining order requires Ruiz to stay at least 100 feet away from Lemus and prohibits him from owning any firearms. She also alleged that at the beginning of February 2023, Ruiz began to sexually assault her. She claims he forced himself upon her at least six times.


Responding to the lawsuit, Ruiz “categorically denied abusing Julia Lemus or his children.” Ruiz also said in his documents that Lemus stabbed him with a knife in February 2020, and he also made a separate allegation that she “entered my hotel room with a loaded gun in her hand, and screamed, ‘everybody get the f–k out of here.’” The boxer also alleged Lemus hit one of his friends in the head with the gun in the hotel room and broke furniture in the room. He also accused her of stealing $250,000 worth of jewelry from him in March.



As part of the temporary restraining order, Lemus was given sole legal and physical custody of the couple’s children. A court hearing is scheduled for Monday, April 24. 

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