Ex-corper who dated a married woman in her 40s shares bitter experience, says he was turned to a sex slave

An ex-corper with Twitter handle @iamridman, has shared a cautionary tale of his ill-fated relationship with a married woman during his NYSC year.

What initially seemed like a lifeline for the young man took an unexpected turn, leaving him deeply disappointed and eventually leading to a breakup.

The ex-corper took to “X” (formerly Twitter) to recount his story, shedding light on how the woman in her 40s initiated their relationship during his NYSC service year.

He revealed that she approached him with the request to date, and he agreed, primarily motivated by stories of other young men being financially supported by older women in similar arrangements.

The former corps member, whose aspirations included finding a job after completing his NYSC service, saw the relationship as a potential connection to expedite the process.

“I’ve heard stories of how some boys get taken care of by older women, so I was all in, besides I needed some connection to get a job asap after NYSC,” @ the ex-corper post read in part.

However, the dream quickly turned into a nightmare for the young man, as he soon discovered that his lover had different intentions.

He claimed that the woman, whom he did not name, transformed him into what he described as an “intimacy slave,” providing him with financial assistance only when he explicitly asked for it.

This revelation led to his decision to terminate the relationship.

“I blocked her everywhere 4 months later. She was a bad market,” he added.

Netizens Reactions…

@Cruisecatcher10 said; “I remember one of my guys those days thought he hit jackpot, after screwing back to back, sugar mummy begin bill my man.. there was no sugar for him anywhere.” 

@GreenClinton_ said; “On better occasions the best thing to do is to ask “the nature of the relationship” before going further into anything, so you will know what to expect, cuz not all older women are like that tho. 

@Ourroad2destiny said; “I had a similar experience back in Jozi 2011 hit it once and told her she had to reconcile with the hubby but that once was all she kept thinking about wanted to help me aquire a work permit n all I learnt a lot about reality my only regret was what it took out of my destiny @ 25.”

@sheriff963 said; “So you successfully slet with a married woman and you are happy about it and even writing a novel while in Edo culture you would have know your fate that you will kpai soon.”

“You must be very lucky, we from Edo state are not that successful in that adventure. 

Lucky you.”

@Landlordoflagos said; “Na una two dey dey benefit from each other na, you come drink malt on top. You be dey enjoy oo.”

@Ennymoney85 said; “Mine wasn’t stingy back then ..she even bought me a phone and paid part of My school fee in higher institution. We had so much fun and did it almost everywhere u can imagine.” 

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