“Everyone is so quick to post and make a video” – Enioluwa reveals why he’s scared of social media

In a recent development, Media influencer Enioluwa has shared some insights on how negative social media can be. He expressed that he was so scared of the effect of social media because everybody was so quick to post something instead of taking out time to think about what they’re going to post.

In his words he had this to say,

“I’m so scared for the effect of social media; everyone is so quick to post, quick to make a video instead of reasoning first and thinking of the next line of action.”

Also recall that some weeks back, Enioluwa had been involved in some short controversy on social media.

After being falsely accused of being the person behind a sex tape video, the real person involved in the video known as Briggs had come out to debunk the allegations.

He revealed that it was clear from the video that it wasn’t Enioluwa, even though it looked him from certain angles in the photos taken from the video.

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