“Every year a family member must go” – Man confesses source of wealth, seeks help

In a chilling letter, a troubled man has opened up about the true source of his wealth which involves a family member leaving the world every year.

In his post addressed to the anonymous support group “Your secrets are mine”, he spoke about his involvement in a sinister cycle of sacrifice that has enabled him to maintain a life of opulence.

Desperate to break free from the torment, he seeks guidance on how to escape this haunting situation.

The man, who insists on remaining anonymous, reveals that his extraordinary businesses, which includes owning clubs, shisanyama, and taverns, is sustained by a significant amount of spiritual wealth.

Every year, a family member must perish in order to maintain this lavish existence. He expressed deep regret for the path he has chosen, acknowledging the absence of bad luck as long as the beers are ice-cold, the venues offer ample space, and the service is impeccable.

Struggling with the weight of his actions, the man seeks a way out of this nightmarish predicament. He believes that by sacrificing nine cows and shedding the blood of two family members, he may finally find freedom.

While he possesses the means to acquire countless cows, he grapples with the difficult decision of choosing which family members to sacrifice.

With four children from his wife and three from girlfriends, he is uncertain about the two family member, as he loves them all dearly.

Expressing deep remorse, the man concludes his letter by admitting his lack of pride in himself and reaching out for help to find a way out of this disturbing and dangerous situation.

In his words;

“I own clubs, shisanyama and taverns!. I have money not just money lot of it!. But to maintain this life every year a family member must die. I’m what i am because of blood.

“I regret because this business it does not have bad luck as long beers are extremely cold, enough open space, good service one will never go wrong. But it happened I’ve went the wrong way. How to come out in this situation?.

“I must get 9 cows and two family members blood then i can be free!. Cows can even get million of them but who are these people from the family?. I have 4 children’s with my wife, 3 with gfs. 1 from the 3 her mom she does not want me to meet with the child, this means this is the 1st child i can get his blood and the 2nd one i don’t know because i love them all.

“But I’m thinking of impregnating any lady and after birth before i even bond with the child i kill, then im free from this torturing life, hopeful my businesses will remain the same. I’m not proud of myself.”

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