Emotional moment Opera singer Blessing Agu surprised her dad at his mechanic workshop

Blessing Agu

Opera singer Blessing Agu has many social media users admiring the bond she shares with her father.

The beautiful singer recently surprised her father at his workshop and captured the sweet moment on camera.

She revealed that her father is her hero.

It takes a special child to appreciate their parents no matter their status in society. Nigerian opera singer, Blessing Agu, recently showed her hero to the world and many social media users are in awe of the special bond she shares with her dad.

In what appeared to be a surprise visit, Agu, was captured meeting her father at his mechanic workshop and the middle-aged man looked delighted to see his beautiful daughter. He instantly abandoned his work and hugged his baby girl with a broad smile.

Even the toughest people can admire the bond a father and daughter share and for Agu and her father, their cute moment is one to always remember. Not only was the singer super proud of her father, but she also named him her hero on social media.

Blessing has proven to be a super talented opera singer and is working her way towards entertaining the audience at a global stage.

see the special moment below: