‘Emma has not done anything wrong’ – Shan George knocks Emeka Ike over accusation levelled against his ex-wife

Nollywood stalwart Shan George has taken a swing at her colleague Emeka Ike, criticizing him for the accusations he made against his ex-wife, Suzanne Emma, in a recent interview.

Recall that Emeka Ike’s marriage with Emma reached its official end on July 13, 2015, marked by persistent allegations of battery, ultimately resulted in its dissolution by a Lagos Island Customary Court.

In a recent Channels TV interview, the actor talked about a tough time in his life – a long period of feeling really down, dealing with issues in his marriage, and having conflicts with fellow actors in Nollywood.

Emeka Ike shared his challenges openly, revealing that his battle with depression was rooted in marital issues. This led him to withdraw and hide, grappling with the shame tied to what he perceived as personal shortcomings.

According to the thespian, he left home for the US with just a luggage, not knowing that his wife had allegedly plotted his downfall.

The movie star said, Emma shut down his secondary school and removed all of his properties at home, added he came back to an empty house.

Shan George, responding to the interview on an Instagram blog post, asserted that Emma did nothing wrong. She advised Emeka to focus on promoting his recent movie and to let his ex-wife be.

She wrote;

“Emeka Ike should just promote the movie he’s trying to promote and leave Emma out of it. Emma has not done anything wrong. Emeka ike rest abeg”.


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