Ekow Smith-Asante Explains Why Marriage Is Overhyped


Ace actor Ekow Smith-Asante has offered explanations why he believes marriage is overhyped.

He has been marriage for five years and thinks marriage is not as rosy as people make it seem while you are unmarried.

“Marriage is about ups and downs, ins and outs so if you don’t apply it carefully, you’ll think that marriage is nice and sweet. But when you stay with each other for a while and you realize the differences between the two individuals which notice from the scratch, you’ll realize very soon that you’re getting tired,” he said in an interview with 3FM.

But he claimed he wished he had married earlier.

“I actually wished that I had married earlier, before the stardom and everything. If you marry genuinely and nobody knows you as someone in the limelight, its a different ball game, ” he said.