Education Advocates call for girl-child investment

Girl-Child Education

Kwara State College of Education Lecturer, Mr. Babatunde Abdulkareem has encouraged parents to invest in the education of the girl child, stating that the female child is a nation developer.

Abdulkareem while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria, gave the instruction in Ilorin on Thursday.

According to the Lecturer, female children are sometimes forced by their parents to go into early marriages instead of investing in their education. He said;

“It is time to take female-child education seriously and not seeing it as optional. Girls are very useful and not useless as perceived by most people, they grow up to become mothers with the task of building a nation. Mothers are nation builders.

“They also have the right to education and not only the male-child. Even some female-child are more talented and intelligent than the male-child if supported.

“Parents need a change of mentality toward girl-child”.

Abdulkareem also called on the public to stop seeing women as lesser in society as well as treating them as being only useful for domestic reasons. He stated;

“Girls are not push-overs. They will become mothers if properly managed and given the opportunity they deserve”.