Ed Sheeran will keep paying workers at his restaurant during coronavirus outbreak


Fans of Ed Sheeran are praising the British singer and songwriter for his decision to continue paying wages to the staff at his Bertie Blossoms joint in London’s Notting Hill despite the coronavirus outbreak.

According to The Sun, the singer has told the workers to worry as “he’s picking up the tab and he’ll see them all again for a massive p*ss-up once the world gets back to normal.”

According to the publication, the managers of his restaurant would make sure that the place is safe and secure.

“It’s great of Ed to put everyone’s mind at rest. People will say ‘oh well he can afford it’ but often the people with the most money can be the least generous. That’s not Ed, though,” a source told The Sun.

Ed Sheeran took the decision in the wake of a lockdown announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.