E-x big brother Nigeria winner prays for people without boo on Valentine’s day


Ex-big brother Nigeria housemate and winner of the “pepper Dem” 2019 reality show, Mercy Eke, took to one of her social media handles to pray for people without boos on Valentine’s day. Mercy stated that of you have no boo on Valentine’s day, you should get on your knees, as she prays for you. Though some people thought this as a joke, but is Mercy actually joking? Truth is lots of people had nobody send them or even wish them a happy valentine.

Recall that Mercy called it quits with another housemate whom she was involved with whilst in the house. Mercy and Ike were romantically involved, and it looked like it’d stay that way, because even when they were out of the house, and Mercy emerged the winner, things seemed to still be going on smoothly between these two. Until things eventually backed up between them.

However, Ike was seen at Mercy’s house opening or house warming, as she opened her new house. Ike was seen holding and whispering something into her ears, nevertheless we think that’s just where it ended. Sine Mercy hasn’t really come out to state that she’s in another relationship, I think they prayer isn’t just for others, but it is also for her. Because right now, one won’t be wrong to say that Mercy herself is equally booless.