Dying Corona patient confessed to a murder, miraculously recovered and he’s now going to jail


A 43-year-old man has confessed to a 2009 murder on his death bed, unfortunately for him, his miraculous recovery is now in police custody.
David Miller decided to confess about his dark past before he died of Corona. Little did he know he would survive and face the consequences of his horrible past.

Millers saw many people dying around him in the hospital and he thought he was going to die too and he felt compelled to confess about his crimes and ask the Lord for forgiveness before he died.

Miller confessed to an unsolved missing person case that happened in October 2009. 18-year-old Lisa Knowles went missing and she was assumed dead 5 years later even though her remains where never found. Miller was her neighbor in Marin City in the Bay Area. David who moved to LA two years after the girl went missing confessed to murdering her after he had raped her and then burying her in a shallow grave.

Her parents did suspected that David might know something and they told the police to investigate him but the police told them they don’t find him suspicious at all. On the 30 minutes confession Miller apologized to Lisa’s parents and reveal the coordinates of the shallow grave. He even said his heart is now at peace and he is ready to die and hope they forgave him for the pain and suffering they had endured not knowing what had become of their lovely daughter.

The nurse who lent him an ear asked him if she could record his confession and he agreed. “I recorded the confession and handed it to the police, they did not waste time they came and took him to another medical facility and three days later the officer called the hospital and told us he is recovering and he will be going to jail as soon as he’s clear of the virus”