Dream Doll Explains Why She Broke Up With YBN Almighty Jay


It was all good just a few months ago between rapper Dream Dol l and her younger bae YBN Almighty Jay and then their appearances together just stopped out of nowhere seemingly. Now Dream Doll is confirming that she and youtube boyfriend has called it quits.

While pigging out with YouTube sensation BLovesLife, Dream Doll revealed that she cut YBN Almighty Jay off after he allegedly put hands on her.

“I just deserve better and I know my worth. I know how I should be treated and I know men are not supposed to put their hands on women and…that’s just that. I’m trying to focus on my music. And I feel like when you’re in a relationship, especially being an artist, sometimes that zones you out. YOu put you BF over your studio sessions, you canceling shows. Now, I feel like I have my focus back.”