DRAMA IN NYSC CAMP!!! As Female Corper Stirs Controversy on Social Media with Her Bo obs (Photos)


A female National Youth Service Corp member stirred up a mild drama on Instagram after she recently showcased her orientation camp photos.

Duchess aka Daughter of Zion only wanted to proudly flaunt her brightly coloured NYSC uniform with that of her friends as a sense of fulfillment, when the size of her boobs diverted the attention of her social media followers.

Her original names remain unknown but she has over 55,000 followers on Instagram, with the size of her mammary glands being the major catalyst for the page growth.

The busty young lady has an eye for clothes that leave her boobs trying to fight for ‘independence’. Duchess seems unconcerned about their antics as she parades her gargantuan natural endowment with pride.

See some of the hilarious comments that trailed the photo above and some other alluring pictures of the Duchess:

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