Drama ensues as man who nearly died at side chic’s house lands in hospital where his wife works

An American woman known as Linda, has narrated the drama that ensued after her husband suffered a health challenge in the house of his side chic in Maryland, USA.

He almost died as a result of acid reflux and he was immediately rushed to a hospital, but it so happened that his wife works there.

When he was treated and discharged after two days, he went back home and lied to his wife that he was attacked by armed robbers.

But he did not know that since his wife was on call when he was brought into the hospital, his name popped up and she read the report to see her husband’s name.

The woman, who shared the story in an online forum, said she found out that her hubby put his side chic’s name as his wife and an emergency contact.

Linda said that when they eventually met at home, she asked him a question to give him a hint that she knows what really happend.

She wrote; “My husband almost died inside his side chick’s house in Maryland. He had acid reflux, and he was rushed to the hospital.

He came home after 2 days to lie to me that robbers attacked him. He didn’t know they took him to the hospital where I work. His name popped up, and I read the report attached to his case file.

The idiot put his side chick as his wife and emergency contact. When I got home, I asked him if the robber had given him acid reflux. He almost entered the ground.”

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