Drama as wife gets pregnant for the father of her husband’s side chick

A wife has narrated how she retaliated after her husband impregnated another woman and defended his actions.

The unknown lady took to a platform to reveal that her husband had gotten another woman pregnant out of wedlock.

She revealed that she confronted him about his infidelity and he boldly defended it, saying that he cannot put all his eggs in one basket.

The lady revealed that in an act of retaliation, she got pregnant for the father of her husband’s side chick.

Her words read …

“My husband got someone else pregnant and he said he can’t lay his eggs in one basket. So I decided to lay eggs in another basket too and get pregnant by someone else to be specific his sidechick’ dad. And now he’s mad at me. Did I do anything wrong?”

Reactions have followed …
@naturalboifilmz said: “I love seeing mad people marrying each other. Oko werey, iyawo asinwin😀😀 e match baje baje”

@Iampenlord commented: “Egg layers family. Kudos.”

@olajideobe stated: “All these story are more than often made up. There is no way this can be true”

@Dshawtiescorner penned: “All these eggs you’re laying, it’s not as if it will reduce the price of egg in the market o 🤦‍♀️”

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