Drama as perverted Florida COVID-19 victim ask nurses to give him one last nut before he dies


Sarasota: A 68-year-old man who died this morning from COVID-19 left nurses and doctors with a story to tell.

Milo Morris (not his real name, his name was withheld for privacy reasons) who was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week told the nurses and doctors at a health care facility in Sarasota that he will be dead in the next 24-hours. Some of the doctors agreed with him which prompted the nurses to ask him whats his last wish.

According to one of the nurses Milo pointed at one of the young female doctors and said he wants her to give him his last nut and he will rest in peace. “He was not joking and you can tell from his face he was saying something he really wanted”.

The nurses says they were heartbroken when they discovered Milo died the next morning. “We were all crying standing beside his bed because Milo was no ordinary patient. When his sheets were removed we were all shocked to see that they were soaked in semen. None of the ladies admitted to assisting Milo with his last wish but we are glad he is resting in peace”