Drama as man meets girlfriend in his house moments after she rejected his public proposal, says she’s not ready for marriage (Video)

A Nigerian man has confronted his girlfriend for returning to his house after she rejected his marriage proposal in public.

In a video that has gone viral, he barged into the living room to confront her for relaxing in his house moments after she turned him down.

He explained that he organised a romantic engagement ceremony with friends and family where he asked for her hand in marriage but she embarrassed him by saying no and walking off.

However, when the boyfriend returned, he was shocked to see that she had removed her clothes and settled in as if things are back to normal.

He said that he thought after the left the venue of the proposal that she was returning to his house to pack her bags and leave.

The boyfriend told her to go into the room pack all her belongings and move out of his house, since she decided not to be his wife.

But the girlfriend explained to him that she thought he would understand that she rejected his proposal becaue she has a lot going on in her life and she is not ready for marriage.

Watch video below:

Reacting, @Dansuki1122 said; Some girls are funny, you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with him then why do you accept dating him. Aunty go carry your bag and luggage’s out of that house.

@donald_segun; She didn’t even rate the guy at all. What gave her the impetus to come back to his house

@MESIGO422; She no get house rent? She is probably using him like they some does.. Life doesn’t revolve around beauty anymore.. If you can’t add value to his life. PUSH OYA BACK DOOR

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