Drama as man blows hot after airport reportedly forgot to put his luggage on his flight from Abuja to Lagos

Man makes a scene at the airport after they forgot to put his luggage on his flight from Abuja to Lagos.

In the video that surfaced online, the Nigerian man went on a ranting spree, blowing hot at the airport staff for the oversight.

He could be seen in the video fuming and asking what they expect him to do, or why they would want to keep him waiting for long for the luggage.

Other passengers at the airport were seen calming the situation down as the man continued to rage.

niniogele, the Tiktok user who shared the video captioned …

“POV: Airpeace didn’t put your luggage on your flight from Abuja to Lagos”

Check out reactions that followed …
kendra’s Exclusive Boutique said: “that’s why I no dey cross boundaries, na hand carrier I dey carry small box”

Tripple A channel . remarked: “Make he go pick am back simple”

flourish empire shared: “I heard the same experience from owerr to Lagos..I dy lag my bag still dy owerri”

Nneka commented: “Lmfaooo nah this would’ve had me hot”

Watch video below …

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