Drama as Junior Pope’s wife and Ruby Orjiakor unfollow each other

Social media users have expressed mixed reactions after Junior Pope’s wife and Ruby Orjiakor unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Ruby Orjiakor has been making headlines after she clashed with movie producer Adanma Luke and colleague actor, Nosa Rex.

Ruby noted that while the actor’s soul had barely rested, his friend, Baba Rex was supposedly already using him for content.

Laying an accusation on the controversial producer, Adanma Luke, she claimed that the producer, instead of feeling guilty for Junior Pope’s death, was busy telling people how he used to beg her for jobs.

Amidst the online brouhaha, Junior Pope’s wife and Ruby Orjiakor have unfollowed each other on Instagram. Many netizens do not know the main reason the two women unfollowed each other but some have shared their opinions.

The late Junior Pope and wife

@Pussin211: “madam and Side chick Wahala Unto say na Side chick cry pass for the burial😂😂😂”.

@Sonofgrace: “Ruby come dey cry more than the bereaved abi e get something wey sho no dey tell us shuoo 😂”.

@spalshyposh: “Why are people so bent on dragging Ruby unnecessarily? Her relationship with the late JP is something to be emulated not to be rediculed for God’s sake”.

@arbiesfy: “Ruby n jp obviously had a secret relationship n ruby was going to be his next wife if he had stayed alive cos marriage with Jennifer was shaking”

@Simple_jayee: “Ruby is angry with the wife blc of what JP told her about what the wife was doing to him..The wife never knew before she thought of forgiving the husband it would be too late..”

@Debbytecc: “Omo I wish Ruby didn’t post this her last video,now all her good will now backfires to her,she for just mourn her friend nd move on like others”.

@Janeauslo: “Why she no go unfollow am Ruby this her attitude lately got me pissed off she even wear white as a widow what nonsense na the woman weh allow be her husband bestie for long maybe emotions don grow”.

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