Drake’s home vandalized allegedly after texting a friend’s wife


Rumor has it that Drake may have flirted with the wrong woman. The Canadian rapper, who is a notorious womanizer, has apparently received a sort of warning after he allegedly sent a private message to the wife of Kanye West’s former manager Don C and it has made a lot of people mad.

The “Hotline Bling” hitmaker’s Hidden Hills home and OVO store was recently vandalized in the middle of the night. Some vandals spray-painted the store and Drake’s house and recorded a video of them telling him to leave Los Angeles.

It’s not clear who was behind this, but according to Hollywood Unlocked which first reported the news, Drake’s father Dennis Graham is also “being surveilled” for whatever the 32-year-old star did that has angered the culprit.

His reps, however, deny that his home was spray-painted and say it was only his store that was vandalized. Drake has not spoken up on the vandalism and it’s currently unknown if he has reported it to police.

Don C and Drake used to be considered friends. Don’s wife Kristen Noel Crawley is a designer and founder of KNC Beauty. She often posts on her Instagram page pictures of her modeling clothes and promoting her beauty products, in addition to showing off her hot body in various sexy outfits.

The vandalism aside, Drake may soon work on the collaborative album with Lil Wayne that they have teased for years. “Were both doing what we do, but he already knows,” Wayne recently said about the long-awaited project. “We still text and send songs here and there, change a verse because he killed me or change a verse ‘cuz I killed him. It’s still the same competition.”