Drake wanted to be as important as Lil Wayne, Speaks on his influence


Drake Wanted To Be As Important As Lil Wayne, Speaks On His Influence, Work Ethics, Rap skills

I think when I first started out, I just wanted to be as important as Lil Wayne.

Because I felt like nobody was ever going to be as big as Lil Wayne during ‘Lollipop’ times, ‘Tha Carter III’ times.

You know I just never seen rap be that, it was such a bright flash ball, I just never seen it look so massive and so big.

Remember I’m on tour with the guy, so I’m at his shows, I’m watching everything.

By the way I don’t think that anybody ever in music, from now and before and the future, I don’t know if there will ever be anybody that will work harder than that guy.

So that was a big thing that I paid attention to as well, he has the most insane work ethic.

There was nothing like Wayne, I used to watch Wayne cut like 4 or 5 classics in one night, joints that would just go on to be mind-blowing.

He would get 4 verses off and 2 months, 3 months later those songs would come out, I can’t believe these songs are like ‘Make It Rain’.

I think initially my goal was to be a protégé that didn’t flop. I just wanted to be somebody that was remotely as important as my mentor.

From there I think a lot of things changed when Wayne went to jail.
My current situation? Well, I’ll always be involved with YMCMB imprint.

But I’m just signed direct to Universal. That situation was a lot of mess that needed to be cleaned up over the years.”