Drake sets to visit Nigeria in March 2020


Grammy award winning rapper, Aubrey Drake Graham, popularly known as Drake, is set to visit 3 Countries for his 6-day Africa tour. He is scheduled to visit Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa and would be spending a total of 6 days in March 2020.

He will hold concerts in each of these countries. In Nigeria, the Hip Hop star will hold his show in two cities, In South Africa, three concerts will be held while in Ghana, one concert will be organized.

He will perform in South Africa before coming to Ghana then Nigeria

Drake will be performing in:

South Africa (Johannesburg) on March 18, 2020

South Africa (Durban) on March 20, 2020

South Africa (Cape Town) on March 22, 2020

Ghana (Accra) on March 27, 2020

Nigeria (Lagos) on March 29,2020

Nigeria (Abuja) on March 30, 2020

It’s no news that some foreign singers express their desire to visit Nigeria, the most populous black nation, now, Drake has joined the list and we are more than excited to welcome him.

Nigerians, what’s gonna be Drake’s Nigerian name when he comes? Oluwadrake?