Drake Reveals He Was At The Hospital Last To Treat Is Injury


American rapper Drake,revealed that he was at the hospital last week, to treat himself after getting injured on his foot.The American rapper made this known over the weekend on #StrongerTogether,#TousEnsemble which is a televised benefit to honor American healthcare workers.

During this broadcast, the American rapper praised the frontline health workers and shared his experience to the hospital.

He said: “I wanna send all my love, all my gratitude, all my support out to the frontline workers; the first responders, the healthcare workers. I actually ended up in the hospital the other day due to a foot injury.

Just to see the morale, the smiles, the high spirits on everyone’s face that I got to encounter in that situation despite everything that’s going,

It’s just incredible to see people who have to leave their families everyday and go to work in this crisis as dangerous as it.”