Drake flaunts his massive backyard pool he is using for the first time since he built his mansion (VIDEO)


Canadian rapper, Drake is one of the celebrities that finally had time to try out their expensive and luxury possessions as a result of the lockdown that has kept everyone indoors. The rapper showed off his ginormous swimming pool over the weekend and revealed it would e his first time of setting his eyes on it.

While most of the country is practicing social distancing and staying at home, Drake has just proved that some people’s lockdown experiences are a little more extra than others.

Just as Breezy shared a picture, flaunting his three Lamborghini and colorful mansion, It is safe to say these celebrities are going hard on us.

In an Instagram story on Saturday, the Toronto local shared a video of his colossal outdoor swimming pool, while explaining that it was the first time he’d ever used it.

Streaming from the water, Drake explained, “Yes sir, first swim of the summer, first time ever in the pool actually to be honest. It’s my first time ever out here.”

Showing fans the gigantic mansion, and the lake-sized pool, he continued, “Hope everybody in the city is just enjoying the beautiful day.”

We would be if we had that in our back yard, Drake.