“Don’t marry your partner because of beauty or handsomeness, it will fail” – Actor Yomi Fabiyi advices

Yoruba movie actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has used his new post on Instagram to give relationship advice to people on the things they need to watch out for before getting married to each other.

He revealed that beauty and handsomeness should not be the reasons why people should get married, because such marriages will not last.

He made it known that being beautiful without using one’s wisdom effectively will attract players, while he also stated that brains without beauty attract builders. He disclosed that though it is good to consider beauty and handsomeness, what really attracts a promising man or woman is abstract.

He noted that making beauty and handsomeness a determinant to getting into a relationship will only put one’s self-esteem under threat.

He concluded that one can only be sure of their beauty and handsomeness if their intellect is able to attract people of higher capacity. He advised parents to train their children to know the difference between boys and men and girls and women because it is different, according to him.

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