‘Don’t look up to man for favor…’- Linda Osifo advises thirsty ladies out there


Man would only disappoint you, hurt you and leave you in the middle of the deep blue sea with no straw to cling onto. And that is why actress and TV host Linda Osifo says never look up to a man.

According to Linda, the only person who would be there for you all the time is none other person than the good Lord and we pray this same good Lord provides him with a man who would love her above any other.

Last year, Linda revealed that she is very much single and has since not the right man. She says when she does find him, her heart would definitely know.

Linda may not have her dream man yet but she certainly has one of her dream cars. A few days ago, she flaunted a new Benz she got herself to the envious eyes of social media users.

Social media users are asking questions about how she was able to afford it and our good guess is the good Lord she has put her faith into made it possible.