Don’t let twitter deceive you, Burna boy is actually bigger than Davido


Honestly all these are just part of being a blown artiste attitude matters to for the fact that he has more plays on Spotify does it really matter he’s a low key dead guy for having so much pride imagine in his career without us the listeners who is Burna boy? So he should calm,Burna boy is better than davido,that can not be true .

Burna’s songs got more wordings than Davido’s. Burna got the real Talent nd is the African Giant while Davido just has the grace, more money & fame,Mr. Eazi has more listeners than wizzy and davido… spotify is the basis for who is bigger now shey,,, just calm down..

The funniest thing he use to have over 16million when he dropped african giant the highest recorded by an African artist lol .look burna boy can’t compete with Davido /Wizkid cos he doesn’t have that fan base .But in international market ,he fucks up both of them especially Davido,Because? Davido has been in the game for long.. bringing hits back to back!!! Burna’s songs started to ring the bell when? It’s just like you saying megandstallion is bigger than Nikki Minaj because she’s now trending . You burna fans should sit down!

If it by Spotify alone since you said it’s the only better platform to get an accurate stat of Davido and the other one then let take it to all platforms and compare and contrast. This would obviously do justice to who is the greatest in world.

Fall on YouTube is 168 million views while on the low is 123 million views… YouTube data!!! Brothers both of them are legends already. Let’s stop the bad energy thing please.