“Don’t come out of your marriage to scatter other people’s peaceful homes” — Uche Ebere tells women who leave their cheating husbands and still go for married men

Actress Ebere Uche has shared an Instagram post addressed to divorcees and those seperated from their partners.

In her post, she stated that people shouldn’t come out of their marriages to scatter other people’s home.

She averred that women who can’t stay in their marriages should stay single, build themselves and their kids. Ebere also stated that real women don’t validate their existence with how the society see them.

The actress wrote;

Women we can do better
Don’t come out of your own marriage to go and scatter other people’s peaceful homes
Stay in your marriage, if you can’t, then stay single, build yourself and your kids
It’s a woman that holds her home, it’s a woman that scatters her home
Choose wisely
Love and light

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