“Don’t borrow from women, don’t lend out to them both never ends well” – Life Coach Shola issues a stern warning to Nigerian men

In a recent revelation, Life Coach and Twitter personality, Shola, delivered some advice to men, particularly Nigerian men, where he expressed two critical mistakes they should avoid at all costs.

According to Shola, men should never borrow money from women and, equally important, should refrain from lending money to them. He stated that these actions are a surefire way to invite trouble into one’s life.

“Don’t borrow from women, don’t lend out to them. Both never ends well.”

The response to Shola’s advice has been varied, with some individuals resonating with the idea that a man should never find himself in a position of financial dependence on a woman.

One Director Martin chimed in, agreeing with the idea that lending money to a woman, even if she’s a close friend or colleague, is not advisable.

One World Capa, pointed out that Shola’s advice might be more applicable to African-minded women who place more emphasis on financial matters.

One Uchechukwu revealed that not all women should be mentioned as their are women who were even more helpful than men.

Recall that in the issue of money, Relationship therapist, Joro Olumofin had issued a warning to Nigerian women, urging them to refrain from begging for money. He expressed that such behavior reflects poorly on the woman’s partner, creating an impression of financial incapability.

Furthermore, Joro had also advised them against begging from multiple sources, expressing that women should have a designated person to approach for financial assistance.

Also back in 2022, Joro Olumofin had highlighted several lies that Nigerian men often tell women. One of the lies being that when a man claims to be working on something and doesn’t have money, he explains that it may signify a lack of willingness to invest in the relationship.

Additionally, he cautioned women against believing the “just my best friend” sattement, especially if the man shares a close relationship with the female friend.

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