“Don’t be so quick to change your surname after marriage, especially on legal documents” – Shade Ladipo advises her gender

Media personality Shade Ladipo has sent a message to her genders about changing their surname to reflect their marital status.

Taking to her Instagram story, she stated that one of the things she is happy she didn’t rush to do when she was married was to change her name. She questioned how she would change a name she had spent 20 years building overnight.

Admonishing her gender, she noted how they work too hard to build their brand, hence, why they shouldn’t be in a hurry to change it, especially on legal documents. According to her, they should take their time as there is no need to hurry.

“Do you want to know 1 thing? I’m so happy I didn’t rush to when I was married.

Changing my name.

How did I spend over 20 years building the Shade Ladipo brand to changing it overnight to another name?

Some people see my father and say Oh, you’re Shade Ladipo’s Father?

Sis, you worked too hard to his your brand; don’t be too quick to change it, especially on legal documents.

Take your time; there’s no hurry, I promise you!”.

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