Donjazzy on why he didn’t join Dbanj on stage at Ben Bruce’s 60th birthday


Donjazzy has cleared the air after fans came at him for not honoring Ben Bruce’s call to join Dbanj on stage .Last night, as Dbanj took the stage at Senator Ben Bruce’s 60th birthday celebrations, the senator took the mic and requested Donjazzy join Dbanj on stage.He said..

‘please do this for me, it is my birthday request’
D’banj also said
‘I have given serious consideration to this. Before I came on stage, I went to Don Jazzy and asked him to join me on stage. If he gives me a beat today, we will release the song tomorrow.’
don-j-on-why-he-didnt-perform-wit-dbanj1 don-j-on-why-he-didnt-perform-wit-dbanj


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