Donjazzy, Davido among the celebrities that alter the luck of Nigerians through their generosity

Donjazzy (L), Davido (R)

Santa Claus or Father Christmas? Regardless of what you may call him by name, he is widely known for spreading Christmas cheer. Generosity is the act of being kind, selfless, and giving to others; an act that is done to benefit others’ well-being. It’s not even Christmas yet but it seemed so for a couple of lucky Twitterers who got a huge surprise from Nigeria’s Father Christmas who decided to sneak out in the middle of the night, bearing sweet gifts.

There’s a lot of money floating around in the Nigerian entertainment industry and the stars don’t usually have too many economic difficulties. Some prefer to invest their money and help their family have an easier life, while others like to help with huge sums. Let’s admit it: We all suspect that our favorite star might have some dark secret that would make us throw out all our posters and unfollow them on social media.

Well, there are two famous people who Nigerians can’t stop talking about how generous they are. They lead the pack of Nigerian celebrities who always give back to Nigerians. They are record producer, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Don Jazzy and singer, songwriter, and record producer, Davido. When it comes to showing love and helping out their fans who need their aid financially, they are the top two stars to think about. While some celebrities have made habits of broadcasting their wealth and excess, these two find a way to devote their time and considerable resources to help advance the welfare of others.

Some rich folks, including celebrities, are very giving when it comes to charitable causes and their generosity has made a difference in lives all over the world. Some give to particular religious organizations, and some spread the wealth around to various causes. Whether it’s for a tax write-off, publicity, or just to make a difference as a good person, these celebrities are writing large cheques to their favorite charities. There’s nothing nicer than giving something back and what Don Jazzy did for these lucky chaps on Twitter was one of the sweetest and most thoughtful things a celebrity of his capacity could have done.

Let us talk about Don Jazzy. No Nigerian celebrity comes close to him when it comes to assisting broke compatriots, especially students on social media. Apart from his regular habit of sharing recharge cards to fans, he occasionally credits the accounts of students when they are in a tight corner. And since they say givers never lack, perhaps this is one of the reasons he continues to be named as one of the top 10 richest artistes in Africa.

In the early hours of the morning on the 3rd of June 2019, the Mavin boss decided to surprise some people on Twitter. He asked those online to ask him any question and he’d answer them.

One follower then asked if he could help with some money to launch the new week. Guess what? He asked if the lady if she would manage 100,000 naira. Manage ke? For where? At this time? That was how she got the 100,000 naira in her account. Another lady who had also told Don Jazzy about being a fan from way back also got the same amount.

As if that was not enough, a young man requested for a guitar as a gift and got it. Another young man got a 100,000 transfer alert from him as well. He also stretched his kindness to a saxophonist who needed new equipment of about 102,000 by sending the money. Wow! Isn’t it dumbfounding how a man like him could relate to the average man and lend a helping hand in their time of need?

He isn’t the only celebrity who does these random acts of kindness for people. Another person worth mentioning is Davido. Yes, he has N30 billion in his account but that does not mean that he is obliged to be throwing his hard earned money around on social media because that is exactly what he does. We all know that giving out to charity doesn’t really mean setting up a foundation or associating with one because that’s how Davido comes into this list. The music star is known for giving out to charity a lot.

On social media, Davido is the guy who gives money out to students who need to pay their school fees. Such is the case of a particular fan who had taken to his Twitter page to plead with the singer about his educational challenge in October 2018. According to the tweep and the screenshot he sent alongside his request, he was granted admission in Adeleke University, the private tertiary institution owned by Davido’s father. Upon seeing the plea for financial assistance, Davido tweeted a reply. He asked the guy to send a direct message containing his details. By means of this, he promised to tell the school administration to permit him to start schooling already.

He might be sometimes controversial but he has a heart of gold. Recall that on December 27th 2018 during his concert in Lagos, he promised a male fan 1 million naira for his efforts in protecting girls from being harassed at the event. A day after, the male fan took to Instagram to call out Davido who had instructed him to call his personal assistant, Lati, to redeem his cash but refused to pick up his calls. Lati eventually picked his call and delivered the sum of 1 million naira cash to the excited fan.