Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa ‘set to divorce’


Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa are set to divorce.Page Six reports that, the couple have been leading separate lives after 13 years as man and wife.

A source told the gossip column:

‘The problems have been there for a long time, the couple had hoped to stay together during the president’s time in office, but it is getting harder to resolve their issues. ‘He’s never there.’

The Trumps have five children together, Kai, Donald III, Spencer, Tristan and Chloe.

They have rarely been photographed together in recent months, and were seen together just once during a holiday break at Mar-a-Lago. Don Jr. is said to have taken Donald III to the club’s New Year’s Eve party instead of his wife.

Speculation over the couples marriage came after Vanessa opened an envelope full of white powder addressed to her husband last month. It left Vanessa feeling nauseous and requiring hospitalization, but the powder was later determined to be corn starch.

On Monday Daniel Frisiello, who sent the letter,has been barred from using the internet or sending any mail.


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