Don Jazzy’s cousin shows off his girlfriend (Photo)


That’s right! Love they say is a beautiful thing, especially with the right person. You find it easy to show them to the world, flaunt them among friends and family because they make you happy. One of such situation is the reason for this content. No doubt one could easily tell that Thomas and Diana are not just in love but getting on strong and looking at this duo, they absolutely look good together.


Thomas is actually Mavins boss, Don Jazzy’s cousin, he plays football in Germany and he is aspiring to play for Manchester United some day. I once wrote about his career as a footballer, so you can…

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His girlfriend, Diana DaSilva Vieira is a German beauty and aspiring model. Both of them lives in Germany and loves each other. They actually enjoys each other’s arms.

Don Baba J once celebrated his cousin on his instagram page some years ago as he writes: “Meet the only footballer in my family @thomasogwuazor. Forget it this my cousin play pass Messi. Already playing in Germany at the moment. We will soon steal him to #manunited sha maybe he will come and epp us cos I didn’t understand that game today”

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They are happy and seem to be fond of each other as they shared some really fun pictures of being in each other’s arms. Thomas still plays for a football club in Germany and you’d admit that this couple is beautiful.

In one of the pictures they shared together, Thomas showed Diana a love emoji and a ring, it’s likely a proposal might be coming soon from this lovebirds.

Things might be getting pretty serious between this two and just maybe a wedding will be announced soon in the Don Jazzy family.

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