Don Jazzy gives a troll a reply that will make him feel ashamed even in his grave (video)


CEO of Mavin records Don Jazzy has been applauded by social media users for showing maturity once again after a fan trolled him.

Don Jazzy posted a funny video of himself on social media to entertain his fans and followers, but a ‘stubborn’ follower decided to troll him by saying he was behaving like a baby.

Once again, Don Jazzy wasn’t rude in replying the troll unlike how some of his colleagues would have descended heavily on the troll. He replied by asking the fan if he/she hasn’t heard that the deadly coronavirus takes the lives of the old more than the young ones?

According to him, he doesn’t want the deadly coronavirus to take his life therefore he’s going to behave like a baby to enjoy his life. A lot of social media users have applauded him for not slamming the troll.

video below;