Don Jazzy finally gives up on Rihanna, as he chooses $1M over her (Video)

It seems Mavin Record boss Don Jazzy is finally giving up on the love he has for American rapper Rihanna as he chooses $1M over her after realizing that A$AP Rocky is still in her life.

Don Jazzy has always been crushing on Rihanna claiming her to be the love of his life but has probably never met her in person to make those feelings known to her but it’s all over social media.

He got heartbroken when news of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s relationship went viral and this video of him choosing money over her looks like Don Jazzy is finally accepting defeat.

In one of his Tik Tok videos, Don Jazzy chose $1M over Rihanna when he realized that she’s still in a relationship with A$AP Rocky hence he decided to take the money to comfort himself than go to a woman who is in love with another and he will never get.

Instead of having a double loss, Don Jazzy took the money forgetting the love and affection he has for Rihanna because he probably realized that there’s no way he’s going to have her no matter how much love he has for her she has already made her choice and it’s not him.

Video below;

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